No,Zuo,No,Die:英国男子碰瓷 男子碰瓷宠物狗

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  A serial time-waster has been banned from falling over anywhere in England and Wales, in one of the most bizarre ASBOs ever handed down by magistrates.

  Attention-seeking Andrew Davies was given the anti-social behaviour order after he took to lying in the road and feigning injuries - all to dupe passing motorists into calling him an ambulance.



No Zuo No Die:英国男子碰瓷

  The 51-year-old drunk faces being hauled back before the courts if he is caught lying on the ground anywhere in England or Wales to attract attention.

  A court heard how the notorious trouble-maker began by pestering emergency services with prank calls.



  He later went to increasingly bizarre lengths to get his kicks as neighbours and ambulance crews became familiar with his antics and tried to ignore him.

  After being persuaded by police to give up his mobile phone, Davies decided to attract attention instead by wandering the streets near his home, then pretending to fall over and be injured in front of passers-by.



  When his increasingly fed-up neighbours eventually ignored his amateur dramatics, he took to busy main roads nearby and would lie on the ground, pretending he had been hit by a car, until someone stopped to assist him.

  "He has been offered support from numerous agencies and given many opportunities to change his behaviour. Davies' continual lack of engagement has ultimately resulted in this town wide ASBO."



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