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一般将来时的句子 一、主语 + be going to + 动词原形 肯定句:I am going to get up. He is going to get up. They are going to get up. 否定句:I am not going to get up. He is not going to get up. They are not going to get up. 一般疑问句:Are you going to get up? 肯定回答:Yes, I am. 否定回答:No, I’m not. 一般疑问句:Is he going to get up? 肯定回答:Yes, he is. 否定回答:No, he isn’t. 一般疑问句:Are they going to get up? 肯定回答:Yes, they are. 否定回答:No, they aren’t. 二、主语 + will + 动词原形 肯定句:I will get up. He will get up. They will get up. 否定句:I will not get up. He will not get up. They will not get up. 一般疑问句:Will you get up? 肯定回答:Yes, I will. 否定回答:No, I won’t. 一般疑问句:Will he get up. 肯定回答:Yes, he will. 否定回答:No, he won’t. 一般疑问句:Are they going to get up? 肯定回答:Yes, they are. 否定回答:No, they aren’t.


I hope the coming love would last for a lifetime,otherwise just don't come.我希望我的下一场恋爱,要么,不开始。要么,一辈子。 It is fated that I meet you.It is my choice that we become friends and it is an accident that I love you.遇见你是命运的安排,成为了朋友是我的选择,而爱上你是我无法控制的意外。 Many things make us unhappy because "happiness"

is not what we pursuit,but "more happier than others"instead.有许多事情让我们觉得不快乐,其实是因为我们追求的并不是“幸福”,而是“比别人幸福”。    As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.长大以后,我们发现,重要的不是拥有很多朋友,而是拥有几个真正的朋友。  Every morning when I get up,seeing you and the sunshine,that's the future I want.每天早上睁开眼睛,看到你和阳光都在,这就是我想要的未来。 电影《教父》里,老 爸有一句经典的台词“Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”(和你的朋友保持亲近,但 要和你的敌人更亲密) Everyone would get tired.Nobody can take the sorrow for you.We some time need to grow up by ourselves. 每个人都会累,没人能为你承担所有伤悲,人总有一段时间要学会自己长大。 A woman has to be able to live well.It's very important to own sth. which can't be taken away.一个女人一定要有自己过好日子的能力,要有别人没法拿走的东西,这很重要 People don’t always need advice. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. 人们并不总是需要建议。有时候,人们只是需要有人来执手支持,有人来侧耳倾听,有人来读懂心声。 Strive to make every day joyful and meaningful,not for others,but for myself.要努力使每一天都开心而有意义,不为别人,为自己 The reason why people give up so quickly is because they look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come人们为什么轻言放弃?因为他们只是看到前方路途遥远,而忘记了身后的一路坚持。 I've devoted a lot for you.But you just take everything for granted.为你付出那么多,可在你眼里那些都是应该的。 People who are able to hurt me are all my beloved.能伤害我的,都是我爱的。 The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. —— 生活中最大的幸福就是,坚信有人爱着我们。

Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.工作不会在你生病时照顾你,而你的朋友和家人会。所以请时常和他们保持联系。 My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.我只关心未来,因为我的余生都会在那里度过。 Happiness isn't getting all you want. It's enjoying all you have. 幸福不是得到你想要的一切,而是享受你所拥有的一切。 Speak out your love for you never know tomorrow and accident,which will come first. 爱,就大声说出来,因为你永远都不会知道,明天和意外,哪个会先来! You would feel totally different when diffierent persons do the same thing for you because we always concern the person instead of the matter itself.不同的人,为你做同一件事,你会感到天壤之别。因为我们在意的,往往不是人做的事,而只是做事的人。 We don't need to meet again for we are just passers by.To forget is the best commemoration for each other. 很多人不需要再见,因为只是路过而已。遗忘就是我们给彼此最好的纪念。 To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream. Not only plan, but also believe.要成 就一番事业,不仅要有行动,还要有梦想;不仅要有计划,还要有信念 Action is character. If we never did anything, we wouldn't be anybody。行动胜于一切。如果我们什么都没做,又怎么能有所成就。 There is no heart hurt by pursuing dream,. When you long for something sincerely, the whole world will help you. 没有一颗心,会因为追求梦想而受伤。当你真心渴望某样东西时,整个宇宙都会来帮忙。 Good relations are like needles of clock, they only meet for sometime but always stay connected. —— 美好的感情就像钟表的指针,虽然只偶尔会面,却始终紧紧连在一起。

Love is not to peer at each other but to stare the same way together.爱不是彼此凝视,而是一起注视同一个方向。 No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.无论你犯了多少错,或者你进步得有多慢,你都走在了那些不曾尝试的人的前面。


1. India is a country with a large population. 印度是个拥有众多人口的国家。

2. Betty had fun yesterday. So did Sue.Betty 昨天玩得很尽兴,Sue 也一样。

3. Although we may have many friends, sometimes we do feel lonely. 尽管我们也许有许多朋友, 但我们时常仍感到孤单。

4. One of Lucy’s sons-in-law is going to keep an eye on these naughty boys. Lucy 的女婿们中的一个要照看这些调皮的孩子们。

5. Jackie Chen is famous for his films. One of his most popular films is “Who am I”. 成龙因他的电影而成名。他最受欢迎的影片之一是“我是谁” 。

6. More than 70 percent of the milk goes sour, but only a couple of people know. 超过百分之其实的牛奶都变酸了,但只有一些人知道。

7. The more you speak, the better your English will become.你说的越多,你的英语就越好 8. After school, I’m about to meet someone important.放学后我要去见个重要的人 9. I’m eager to buy some toiletries.我急切地想买些洗漱用品 10. This container can hold a litre(liter) of water 这个容器能装一升水。

11. There are many flowers on each (either) side of the road. 路两边有许多花。

12. That’s why I want to have a good rest at weekends.那就是为什么我想在周末休息一下的原因。

13. This two-bedroom flat is to let.这个有两间卧室的公寓是要出租的。

14. I’ve got two cameras. One is made in Germany;

the other is made in Japan. 我有两个相机。一个是德国制造的,另一个是日本造的。

15. He studies hard enough to be the ace student.他努力学习,为了成为最顶尖的学生 16. Which movie do you want to see? Either will be fine.你想看哪部电影?这两部哪部都可以 17. I enjoy listening to music in my leisure time/ at my leisure.我喜欢在业余时间听音乐 18. The sooner the better.越快越好 19. He is more than a friend to me.他对我来说不仅仅是个朋友 20. It’s ten minutes’ drive from his home to the school.从他家到学校开车要十分钟。

21. I succeed in writing a book named “My Life”.我成功地写完了名为《我的生活》的书 22. China has a larger population than any other country in Asia.中国人口比其它亚洲国家要多 23. I was a student in my twenties but now I begin to run my own business. 我在二十岁时还是个学生而现在我已经开始经营自己的生意了 24. The majority of teachers in our school are women teachers.我们学校大多数的老师是女老师。

25. My family visit my grandparents twice a year.我家人每年要去看望我的祖父母两次。

26. I made this card especially for a special girl.这张卡片是我特地为一个特别的女孩制作的 27. I’ll call you another day. 我改天给你打电话。

28. Each of them has his own duty. 他们各人有各人的责任。

29. How much is that altogether? 一共多少钱 30. He is an eight-year-old boy. /He is eight. /He is eight years old. 他八岁。

31. His father died in his sixties. /His father died over sixty. /His father died more than sixty. / His father died above sixty. 他父亲是 60 多岁去世的 32. Help yourself to some fish. 请随便吃点鱼吧。

33. One shouldn’t praise oneself. 人不应该自吹自擂 34. God helps those who help themselves. 自助者,天助之。

35. The child is too young to look after himself. 这孩子太小,还不能照料自己 36. Life itself is happiness. 生命本身就是幸福 37. You’d better ask the nurse herself. (You had better) 你最好问护士本人 38. I’m not quite myself today. 今天我身体不太舒服 39. One can’t please everybody. 众口难调。

40. Come any day you like. 你想哪天来就哪天来。

41. The sheets are as white as snow (is). 床单洁白如雪 42. It’s becoming colder and colder here. 这里天气变得越来越冷了 43. Go as far as you can see. When you get there you can see farther. 只管朝前走,当你到达目的地时,你会看得更远。

44. The room is big enough for us to live in. 这间房我们住够大了。 45. The new supermarket is to be open on Wednesday. 新建的超市将在星期三开业。

46. The captain in the Air Force wasn’t in uniform. 空军上尉当时没穿制服。

47. Railway traffic is usually busy during Chinese New Year. 在中国新年期间铁路交通通常很繁忙 48. Can I have a look at your timetable, please?我能看一下你的时刻表吗? 49. The Swedish are fond of traveling. 瑞典人喜爱旅游。

50. The earth rotates around the sun. 地球围绕太阳旋转 51. The family is a social unit. 家庭是社会的组成单位 52. You look smart in the new suit. 你穿那套新西服看上去挺潇洒。

53. The villa is situated on the top of the hill. 别墅坐落在小山顶上 54. The sun has set. 日已西沉 55. The power of the British Empire began to set after World War I. 第一次世界大战结束后,大英帝国的势力开始衰弱 56. Please fill in these forms---business routine. 请填好这几张表格——事务的例行手续 57. He rose immediately to reply. 他立即起立回答。

58. What’s the programme for this evening? 今天晚上安排了什么活动? 59. It’s possible that the plane is late. 飞机可能晚点了。

60. I paid thirty yuan for that CD. 我花了三十元买那张 CD 61. Can you lend me ten dollars? I’ll pay you back next week. 你能借我十元钱吗?下星期还你 62. You are going to pay for this! 你会为此付出代价的! 63. Every so often, she takes a weekend in the country. 她有时在乡下过周末 64. The British Museum is visited by crowds of people every day.每天都有大批的游人参观大英博物馆。

65. He is a man of middle height. 他是位中等身材的人 66. Don’t forget to take your medicine after lunch. 午饭后别忘了服药 67. It’s my pleasure to introduce tonight’s speaker. 我很高兴能把今晚的演讲人介绍给大家 68. He spent two years at the chemistry institute. 他在化工学院学习过两年 69. He realized it was important that he should keep calm. 他认识到保持镇静是重要的 70. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. 一日之计在于晨 71. The darkest hour is that before the dawn. 黎明之前最黑暗 72. She is good at gymnastics. 她擅长体操 73. How much is the admission fee? 入场费是多少? 74. Have you finished writing your speech? 你的发言稿写完了吗? 75. He is excellent for his self-control. 他自我克制能力很强 76. He takes his walkman with him everywhere. 他无论到哪儿都带着他的随身听 77. He ended his letter with good wishes to the family. 他以向全家问好结束了他的信 78. The show closed four hours early. 展览会提早 4 小时结束了 79. He is the man of the day. 他是眼下的红人 80. He is getting better day by day. 他的健康状况一天天好起来了 81. They worked hard day after day. 他们日复一日努力地工作着 82. I want to take a day off. 我想请天假 83. She completed a 4-year French course. 她学习完了 4 年的法语课程 84. He attended an orchestral concert. 他出席了管弦乐音乐会 85. He did it for the good of the community. 他为公众利益做了这件事 86. The road is closed to heavy motor traffic. 这条路禁止重型机动车辆通行 87. His parents were embarrassed by his casual behavior. 他不拘礼节的行为使他的父母十分难堪 88. My students gave me a wall calendar. 我的学生们给了我一份挂历 89. I usually have my lunch in the school cafeteria. 通常中午我在学校自助餐厅用餐 90. They worked for 24 hours without a break. 他们不间断地工作了 24 小时